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Real schools photography

You can always tell when a photo has been set up; it may be a great photo technically, even artistically, but if its been contrived, some part of you always knows. And generally parents are trying to find out what it's really like at this school. Will their kid be happy there?

How does it work?

I like to just float around and see what comes up naturally. Having said that, it's best if my "floating"  has some direction! You will have an idea of the areas you want covered in terms of age range, activity etc and I'm happy to be shunted around. I don't like to contrive anything and won't expect the teachers to "do" anything with the kids for my sake.

Obviously the kids will know I'm there (It's incredibly hard to catch kids unaware!) but I find that in a strange way, once they know I'm not any kind of threat, they include me. Many shots of happy kids come about on their insistence - "Take one of us!" - and because of this they retain a natural flavour.

What does it cost?

£400 per day / £250 per half day. I am always happy to agree a price for your total photographic requirement in line with your budget.

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