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Real wedding photography

Nothing fancy, nothing "creative", just natural, uncontrived coverage of your special day as it unfolds.

I am expert at catching the action and never need to stop the proceedings. 

Apart from the group shots, all the photos feel like genuine stills from the movie of your day.

The group shots themselves, I am careful to make as efficient and painless as possible - sometimes even enjoyable!

The rest of the time you'll hardly know I'm there.

How does it work?

Call 07906 760 524 to check availability. I will take any photos agreed in advance and any that anyone asks me for on the day. 

Otherwise I'll be floating about, sometimes on the edges, sometimes in the thick of it, working hard to capture all that makes your day unique.

I'll give you high and lo res versions of every good picture taken.

What does it cost?

£250 deposit plus:

£250 minimum, £500 ceremony and reception, £750 meal and speeches, £1000 evening reception and first dance, £1250 the whole damn day.

Albums and prints are a separate and optional issue.