Now then, I'm now focussing on before and after photography for builders. Not just builders, furniture restorers, joiners, kitchen and bathroom fitters, anyone that creates a visible difference. Because it's the difference that defines us. We're all naturally inclined to turn our backs on what's there to start with, being so keen to get it changed into something new and fabulous.

Builders don't generally bother with photography too much, they'll maybe take a snap with their phone as they get off to the next job. They don't have the kit, the time or the inclination to do the building justice. Hell, they've already done it justice! So that's where I come in. I like to get an overview at the start of the job if possible, before anything's happened. And then get back to exactly the same spot, in similar light, with the same lens. Then you can see exactly what's been done, and how well it's been done!

The examples below don't have any "afters" yet. Watch this space! Exciting, ain't it?